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Marketing and sales team of Efroze Chemical Industries Pvt. Ltd. work as the health administrator satisfying the needs of community at every nick and corner of the State. The optimum health care services are rendered through Efroze brands which are being considered as a vital source of health within the end consumers.

The four guiding principles that derives the marketing strategy of Efroze are…

Knowledge Based

Marketing platform of Efroze delivers the huge benefit of products through ethically designed promotional strategies. Essentially, these criteria ensure that a products will be promoted in the marketplace with a message that is focused, competitively advantageous, relevant and evocative to target audience segments, clinically supportable, and sustainable over time.

Building Loyalty:

Efroze marketers try to ensure that their product doesn’t either go out of fashion or be entirely superseded by alternative medicines. The continuous medical education programs by Efroze ensure our practitioner that long term relationship building with their patients will be regarded as the rationale for the adequate treatment.

For us brand loyalty is an integral part of value adding processes for our doctors and end users.

Parameters Not

There is no set formula to devising the marketing and sales strategies. Every product of Efroze is different and respectively faces its own unique confluence of factors influencing its performance over time.

The parameters are defined with respect to sales and market share and each of these parameters should be reviewed as frequently as possible through external market conditions, other corporate priorities, pricing changes, and new or revived

Meeting the
Genuine need:

Continuing to meet a genuine need is of crucial importance for us, it means offering a product that deals with customer need that recognise by them for their patients in the mainstream marketplace.