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Efroze views Pharmaceutical distribution as something beyond the simple delivery of its products. We believe in getting the product to the right place at the right time in the specified condition. In order to ensure this, Efroze has in place a Pharmaceutical Distributors network of over 70 distributors who work around the clock to keep hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies across the country well-stocked. Through these trade partners, we are able to cover more than 40,000 Pharmacies across Pakistan.
Each one of our distributors adheres to “cGDP – current Good Distribution Practices” & “ cGSP – current Good Storage Practices”, which is duly verified by our Distribution Management team during their routine visits.
Special care is taken with storage and warehousing to ensure that the conditions are appropriate for the products that need to be accommodated. Our distribution network covers all major cities of Pakistan and also has access to some of the most remote areas of the country.