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Over time Efroze established beachheads in many countries mention being Sudan, the major export location of Efroze. Efroze is operating in Sudan with a highly motivated and dedicated marketing and sales team, which has led the company to out-pace the industry’s growth. We have strong coverage both in terms of doctors and pharmacies all over Sudan. Our scientific office in Khartoum is the core centre of coordination, for registrations with Ministry of Health, sales and marketing operations. We have more than 20 brands in Sudan serving following therapeutic segments:

• Cardiovascular
• Diabetes
• Infectious Diseases
• Pediatrics
• Gastroenterology
• Anti-Rheumatics


Efroze started the process of market evaluation in year… and started the sales and marketing operations in the year…Today; our company is one of the most competitive Pharmaceutical companies in Uzbekistan, operating with efficient marketing team based in the scientific office at Dori Derman which is responsible for sustainable advantage in terms of effective sales and marketing strategies. We have strong presence in the Gynecology, Anti-inflammatory, Gastroenterology and Anti infectious disease with 16 quality brands. Kontab, Setsal and Gynecosid are the top market grosser at the moment.


Kenya being the gateway to East African Markets is a territory of strategic significance for Efroze. Having started its marketing operations in the past couple of years has witnessed consolidation of marketing efforts. With 33 active product registration and 10 more in offing, an ideal platform is already created to intensify its dedicated focus on brand building.
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