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Vision/ Mission

Vision Statement
“To be a success in health; be daring, be first, be different at preservation of health, alleviation of pain and enhancement of the quality of life is our vision. At Efroze every day is a quest to make someone’s tomorrow a little better.”

Be unwavering in its dedication to manufacture market safe and effective medicines for treatment and prevention of disease in humans.

•  As a Manufacturing Company, Efroze is determined for stable profitable growth through continuous improvement in manufacturing and progressive capital investment to produce the best products for its stakeholders.

•  As a Pharmaceutical Company, Efroze is committed to current Good Manufacturing Practices in the quality control and production of medicines, which meet international regulatory standards of quality, safety and efficacy.

•  As a Marketing Company, Efroze is particularly conscious of the fact that its ultimate customers are patients. We believe in responsibility to our customers by supporting a high standard of ethical marketing conduct.

•  As a Service Organization, Efroze's aim is to devote to the highest standard of service and support to customers both inside and outside the organization.

•  As an Employer,  Efroze strives to promote to health and safety at work, to training, support and development of personnel to open communications and to equality of opportunity .

•  And as a Corporate Citizen , Efroze's aim is to give back to the communities in which it sells its products to promote a positive sense of sharing and caring, ultimately contributing to the nurturing and preservation of civil society.
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